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Virtual Photoshoots

Remote Tethered Shooting- 

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Creativity Untethered.

 Why Shoot Virtually?

Facilitating creative connection and vision- 
Anytime, Anywhere


When the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic shook our world to its very core, everything about life as we knew it, changed. We were all faced with being isolated and needing solutions to allow us to connect and accomplish our usual day-to-day tasks remotely- something that posed challenges in many ways. Amidst the very few silver linings from such a dark and uncertain time in our collective experience, virtual photoshoots exploded onto the creative scene and have taken their rightful place as a form of expression, and mode of creation- on both sides of the lens. Many brands, faced with needing promotional content to advertise during the pandemic but having no way to organize photoshoots to make content, turned to virtual photoshoots as a solution that allowed creative direction and provided professional images.

Even now, as we slowly begin to live with our "new normal"-  hopeful, among lifting restrictions and  with the availability of vaccinations- virtual shoots present a unique way for photographers and models from around the world to meet, form professional working relationships, and make amazing art. Beyond the current events of the last two years, virtual photography has many applications as a supplement in the photography realm. Distance, limited mobility, physical impairments, and many other specific situations no longer stand as an obstacle for creatives. Scarlet is proud to be among one of those models who still offers virtual photoshoots as an option and will continue to do so throughout the duration of her career.

For virtual shooting, all you need is a good Internet connection, Zoom teleconferencing, functional laptop- and your creativity! Our team will connect our camera to our laptop using a tethering cord, and then using a program called Canon EOS Utility, the photographer on the other end will have complete control- remotely!


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