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Fashion/Lifestyle/Commercial- ($100/hr)
Lingerie/Boudoir/Swimwear- ($125/hr)
Implied Nude- ($150/hr)
Full Nude- ($175/hr)

*All bookings have a 2 hour minimum unless otherwise specified. 


Scarlet's Official Booking Manager: L.K.Morse
 Contact with any requests and questions.

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Deposits are highly recommended when booking a shoot. Paying a deposit guarantees the proposed time slot, and removing any extra guesswork from the booking process allows Scarlet to better focus on the creative aspects of the shoot. Scarlet is very busy and her schedule books up about 3 months ahead of time, with multiple inquires for each time slot.

Deposits at the time of booking are not necessarily mandatory- however, Scarlet's schedule is "first come, first serve," and we cannot hold a time slot without a deposit. This means that without a deposit, your time slot can (and probably will) be booked by someone else. Deposits can be given electronically, via Zelle, CashApp, or Venmo. Paypal is available upon request if no other method is available to you.


Venmo- @scarletbegoniasxx

Cash App- @$SSandiego

Cancellation Policy

If you choose not to pay a deposit, we require written and signed confirmation that you are going to pay a cancellation fee if you have to cancel the photoshoot unexpectedly. In addition, if you choose not to pay a deposit, understand that bookings with a deposit will always take priority. Your shoot time may be booked by another client who is willing to pay a deposit- and this is likely to happen. If you wish to avoid this situation, we advise paying a deposit. 


This cancellation fee will be 50%  of the total expected payment for any cancellations that I have been notified of over one week before the planned shoot date, 75% if it is anywhere between 2 to 7 days before the planned shoot date, and 100% if you are cancelling within 2 days of the anticipated shoot date.

Please feel free to email us with any questions regarding this.

Other Important Stipulations

If you plan to book Scarlet with another model, that is something that needs to be relayed during the initial booking process and approved by both Scarlet and her team. Scarlet reserves the right to cancel a shoot and keep the deposit if you change the parameters of the shoot after booking it. (A word from Scarlet- "Just because I agreed to one thing, does NOT mean I have agreed to anything else.") All changes need to be approved directly by our team with ample time (at LEAST 72 hours prior to shoot time). 

Scarlet does not shoot erotic imagery, nor anything explicit, nor anything she finds degrading. We ask that you respect this, and do not try to push any boundaries. It is never okay to do that to a model (or anyone).

Underwater shoots must have a lifeguard or at least one other responsible and capable party present besides the photographer in order for Scarlet to feel safe and comfortable during those shoots. A break schedule for resting must also be established. Any wardrobe for underwater shoots must be provided by the photography team. 

Scarlet does not travel anywhere alone for safety reasons. At least one of her trusted business partners, Sean or Shaylene, will be present at every photoshoot- if not in the direct vicinity due to studio policies, then very close nearby- with her location pinpointed and ready to come intervene if need be. Safety is our first priority. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and familiarize yourself with our policies. Scarlet is a relaxed, creative, fun-loving person, but modeling is her entire life and my passion. These expectations are put forth ahead of time in the hopes that it will benefit everyone, and pave the way for a fun, inspired, professional and comfortable shoot.


Scarlet is looking forward to being your muse, and creating beautiful art together.