First and foremost, know that I take my career very seriously. If you choose to book me for a photoshoot or project, I will dedicate myself completely to our work. I strive for each and every photoshoot to be my best, and will not rest until I know I have given it my absolute best effort. This passion, dedication and commitment to my work is shown in the images created.

I expect to be treated with respect, and as a professional. I am a friendly person and very comfortable with the skin I am in, and I have dozens of references from photographers and brands that have found me fun to work with, easy to be around, and creatively stimulating as a muse. If you have any questions about any of my booking polices, I ask that you email me directly to ask them PRIOR to the date of our shoot. I want to be on the same page about every aspect of our shoot, before we work together.


 I ask that all photographers agree to paying a partial deposit (50%) when booking a time slot. This decreases the chances of a last minute cancellation, and weeds out the potential of anyone who is not seriously intending to shoot me.


You may choose to book me WITHOUT a deposit- but bookings with a deposit take precedence in my schedule. This means that if another brand or photographer inquires about your time slot, and is willing to pay the deposit, that slot will be given to the person who is willing to pay a deposit. In the event this happens, I will try to reschedule our shoot for another time that works for both of us. If you do not wish to risk this scenario happening, I highly recommend paying the deposit, as my time is in high demand and most of my clients are willing to show serious commitment to the project at hand with a deposit. 


Cancellation Policy

If you choose not to pay a deposit, I will require for written confirmation that you are going to pay a cancellation fee if you have to cancel our shoot unexpectedly. 


This cancellation fee will be 50%  of the total expected payment for any cancellations that I have been notified of over one week before the planned shoot date, 75% if it is anywhere between 2 to 7 days before the planned shoot date, and 100% if you are cancelling within 2 days of the anticipated shoot date.

Other Important Stipulations

If you plan to book me with another model, that is something that needs to be relayed during the initial booking process. I reserve the right to cancel a shoot and keep the deposit if you change the parameters of the shoot after booking it. Just because I agreed to one thing, does NOT mean I have agreed to anything else. All changes need to be approved directly by me with ample time (at LEAST 72 hours prior to shoot time). 

I do not shoot erotic imagery, nor anything explicit, nor anything I find degrading. I ask that you respect this, and do not try to push my boundaries. It is never okay to do that to a model (or anyone).

I do not travel anywhere alone for my own personal peace of mind and safety. My business partner of 5 years is very professional and respectful, and can either help out with the shoot as an extra set of hands, or can hang out elsewhere out of the way, but near by, if you prefer space to work.  Even if you do not allow model escorts on set, I will have him standing by, waiting for me within 5 minutes of the location, to drop me off, pick me up, and rescue me if I feel unsafe at any time. Unless you plan on doing something illegal or that you know will make me uncomfortable, this should not be an issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and familiarize yourself with my policies. I am a relaxed, fun-loving person, but modeling is my entire life and my passion. I spell out my expectations ahead of time in the hopes that it will benefit both of us, and pave the way for a fun, inspired, professional and comfortable shoot. I look forward to being your muse, and I know that we will create something beautiful together.