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Instagram: @scarletbegonias_wildroses
Email: shootwithscarlet@gmail.com



"The day I was scouted for my first photoshoot, forever changed my life. I live to create, and I come alive in front of the camera. I strive to make each and every shoot my absolute best work yet. This passion and dedication is shown in everything I do.


 I work in a wide variety of genres, and pride myself on my versatility as both a model and as an artist. I also work with a wide variety of companies, brands, and individuals on all types of creative projects or marketing campaigns. I am proud to present the collection of my work here. I look forward to connecting with you!"




Scarlet is a professional traveling model, actress, photographer, creator, artist and social media influencer, based in Florida, US. 


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Scarlet is a 50% partner of @scorpiosisters_fl, an entrepreneurial creative team ♏️